1. What is Crushmania?
  2. Signing Up
  3. Secret Crush
  4. Secret Follow
  5. Network
  6. Countdown
  7. Crushpoints
  8. Crushmeter
  9. Crushbubbles
  10. Guess
  11. Confess
  12. Declare
  13. Privacy
  14. Facebook related
  1. What is Crushmania?

    The way we define Crushmania is that Crushmania is "a game of social network"
    Crushmania is not only a social network or not only a game but a combination of these two concepts. You may think users as the players and the relations between them as the inputs of this game.
    Crushmania enables its users to:
    —Choose a secret crush and check if your secret crush also feels the same way with you without letting anyone know about who you selected as your crush
    —Follow people and learn more about their social lifes by getting notifications without letting anyone know about who you follow
    —Visually see and find out who is around and how close to you and the people you are curious about without letting anyone know about who you looked for
    —See statistics (crushies, followers, visited, bubbled) of your own and people you are curios about
    —Post anonymous messages on your network and tell how you feel without declaring who you are
    —Check top statistics for networks (most crushed, followed, visited profiles)
    Don't worry, privacy settings are already there for you to not to have any unexpected experiences.
    All you need to do is sign up, follow people and have fun!